Black Friday Madness: Three Men Trade Blows Over Shoes (Video)

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Three idiots kicked and punched each other over a pair of shoes during Black Friday at a California mall, and one bystander caught the entire beat down on video.

Two of the men tag-team the other guy, kneeing him in the face, and striking him all over his body. The attack was pretty vicious. Hopefully, they locate these guys and put them behind bars, because they are real sickos. Anyone who will assault someone over a pair of shoes is a danger to society. You can view a shortened version of the footage below.

Americans make utter fools of themselves during Christmas. Why would anyone camp out on a sidewalk in front of a Walmart, just for a Black Friday sale? Or bash in someone’s skull over some footwear? Good grief!

The near-riot happened at the Roseville Galleria, in the Sacramento area. The melee erupted in the middle of the shopping center on Black Friday, while children looked on in horror. At the end of the wild scene, a couple of women also dove into the fracas.

It’s unclear whether police know who the suspects are, but more information will trickle over the next couple of days, as the investigation develops. All of these characters were caught on the mall’s security cameras, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to learn their names. Throw them in jail!

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