Black Friday Shopping Nightmare: Man Pulls Gun on Line-Cutter

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Black Friday is in full swing and as always, there are plenty of horror stories already making headlines about the greed and violence. After a day of giving thanks for all the wonderful things in a person’s life, what prompts anybody to go out and become violent over the chance of buying a television or iPad?

In San Antonio, one man learned the hard way what happens when you try and cut in a line of people waiting for the steal of the day. Shoppers were waiting outside a Sears in the South Park Mall in San Antonio, Texas when things got entirely way too intense. Notice the word “patiently” is purposefully omitted.

One guy thought he would push his way to the front of the line, but another guy had a different idea. When the line-cutter got mad at being thwarted, he punched the other man in the face. So, what do you do when you get hit in the face while you are waiting in a long line for some killer deals? You pull a gun apparently. It did happen in Texas mind you.

Witnesses say the man pointed the gun at the obnoxious line-cutter, but police say the gun wielder actually pointed the barrel at the ground. Does it even matter? Because the man had a license to carry the weapon, no charges have been filed. The man who thought he would get ahead by brute force, ran as far and fast as he could once the gun came out.

Guess that goes to show it doesn’t pay to cheat. Black Friday horror stories are becoming more and more prevalent every year. Don’t people understand what the real meaning of Christmas is? It has nothing to do with buying trendy gifts at the cost of life and limb.

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