‘Black Ops 2′ World Record Set: Gamer Played for 135 Hours Over 5 Days

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The new “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ game has been a popular item for the holidays, receiving positive reviews from critics and fans. Part of the popularity comes from those in-game zombies, and the endless hours of video game enjoyment with multiplayer online and single-player campaigns. Just recently, one gamer showed just how much he enjoys the new COD title by setting a new world record for total hours played.

Product DetailsAccording to Wired of the UK, Okan Kaya, a sales manager in Sydney has officially set the world record for “longest video game marathon.” He played the new “Call of Duty” video game for a record 135-hours straight, and ended up looking like one of the zombies that are such a popular feature of the new game. To break the record, Kaya began his session on November 13th, and kept going for five straight days, ending it all on November 19th. That was good enough for the Guinness World Record.

During a previous gamer’s attempts to play a marathon session of “Diablo 3,” the 18-year-old Taiwanese man collapsed and died after 40-hours of playing the game. Due to health concerns over gamers attempting to set these sorts of records, the Guinness World Record rules now allow for breaks of ten minutes per each hour of activity. Since the breaks could be accumulated, Kaya used the time to sleep, in a smart, strategic move for setting the record, and preserving his health.

The previous record for longest video game session was 120 hours and 7 minutes, set by a Canadian duo playing “Resistance” on PS3. Kaya’s official record sits at 135 hours and 50 minutes, something which looks like it could stand for a long time. However, with the game just recently getting released, and other new games like “Grand Theft Auto V” on the way, it seems like only a matter of time before another video game fan challenges that mark.

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