Blake Julian Tweets about Michael Stagliano Heartbreak on ‘Bachelor Pad 2′ Finale

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Blake Julian wanted fans to know that he did not want to see Michael Stagliano go through the heartbreak that fans saw on Bachelor Pad 2 tonight. He went to Twitter to set the record straight about how he felt about editing on the show tonight.

Here is what Blake had to say on Twitter:

I’ve had enough of ABC’s editing. That conversation seemed so choppy because I brought to light the fact that I got it in writing from them that that wouldn’t happen. I was also told Holly and Michael would have time to talk prior to the finale to strategize. I tried expressly to avoid the awkward situation ABC worked to cultivate at the expense of everyone involved.

Viewers of the show can tell that Blake feels awful about Michael finding out on the taping of the show about his new engagement to Holly Durst. Fans were shocked that they waited and did not let him know, but it sounds like this was not on purpose. What do you think about it? Is Blake Julian really sorry about Michael Stagliano’s heartbreak?

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