Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Really Need to Be Nicer to the New Neighbors!

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively and her boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, are definitely an A-list celebrity couple, but they are having a bit of trouble mixing in with the locals in the town where they recently purchased a new home. No one doubts that Blake and Ryan probably expect a certain amount of privacy in the affluent community of Bedford, New York. But Ryan recently lost it on some townsfolk, and it wasn’t a cool situation. Blake? Time to teach that man of yours some manners!

According to reports, Ryan and Blake were having dinner at the trendy Bedford Post Inn restaurant (yes, the one owned by Richard Gere). When they finished dining and headed for the door, another couple was nearby (also leaving). What did they do? Greet with pleasant hello’s? No. Ryan Reynolds purportedly snapped at the other couple, saying, “Are you following me?”

Good grief. Blake Lively needs to set Ryan straight on such matters. It’s not good manners to act this way—and honestly, this is Bedford, New York. Lots of people there are just as wealthy as Blake and Ryan, and they, quite honestly, probably could give a rip about “following” celebrities around. Time for an ego check, perhaps?

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