Blake Lively Joins Wardrobe Malfunction Club

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Blake Lively has joined the club as the latest celebrity to encounter a wardrobe malfunction and have it caught on camera.

It seems Mother Nature was a bit lively for Blake’s luck and, while on the Gossip Girl set, a strong gust of wind exposed the flesh colored panties Blake Lively was wearing underneath her mini skirt.

There are undoubtedly a lot of men out there who wish they could have been there to catch a sneak peek of Blake’s bum. What a lucky guy Leonardo DiCaprio is that he gets more than just a sneak peek!

At least Blake Lively’s wardrobe malfunction was rather minor and also completely out of her control. Mother Nature is a powerful force and does what she wants—apparently. She decided to show off Lively’s behind for a brief moment to those fortunate enough to catch a glimpse. This is one wardrobe malfunction that Blake Lively should not be embarrassed about.

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