Blake Lively Nude Leaked Pics and Naked Movie Roles Don’t Exist, Yet

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A recent Blake Lively nude leaked pics scandal appears to be completely non-existent. Unfortunately for all those searchers scouring the Internet, there’s no naked movie roles for the sexy actress either.

Lively is the star of the hit show Gossip Girl, as well as movies like The Town and the upcoming superhero flick, The Green Lantern. Ironically, Leighton Meester, also of Gossip Girl was part of a celebrity sex tape scandal not too long ago, so maybe it runs in the GG family.

As for seeing Blake Lively naked, that hasn’t happened just yet. According to Naked Celeb Truth, there’s no Blake Lively nude movie roles as of yet, only sexy scenes in her films here or there. The TV and movie star has yet to bare it all for cellphone pictures or the big screen. Instead she’s stripped down to bikinis or her underwear, keeping things rather tame. Lively’s movie roles include The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Accepted. Lively hasn’t done any naked photo shoots for Playboy magazine yet, either, but is certainly considered among the hottest women on the planet Earth.

Regardless of that, Lively is certainly benefiting from this fake leaked pics in the nude scandal. It’s getting her name out into the public weeks ahead of her newest movie, The Green Lantern, which she co-stars in with Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately, if she looks at the success of Vanessa Hudgens’ movies after her latest naked leaked pics scandal, it may not help too much. Lively’s best bet may be to really go for the gusto and take on a nude movie role, much like Liv Tyler is finally doing. Or then again, maybe Lively should just release her own leaked naked pics from a cellphone, since every other actress seems to have a real nude scandal these days!

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