Blake Lively Returning from Red Locks to Blonde

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Blake Lively, Gossip Girl star, is definitely changing her hair color, but she may be taking the slow and step-by-step route back to blonde, since her hair seems to look different in each recent photo. Is she or isn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure, and colorist to the celebs, Rona O’Connor dishes to US Weekly about the real story. “Blake’s color is currently transitioning back to blonde…” the color expert says, for the new round of Gossip Girl filming.

“It was the plan from the beginning to create a red that I could layer in withFile:Blake Lively 2011 Shankbone 4.JPG multiple hues so that when it faded out, it would still look good along the way,” O’Connor reveals. Is this trending? To plan a series of changing color looks over time? That would be interesting. No more abrupt shifts in hue, but layers of color that get stronger or weaker, between full treatments. Most women are happy if their colorist can get their look the same, from one coloring to the next, but Blake Lively is not most women.

This started a few months ago, back in April, when the actress, 23, made a sudden shift to red. Not a red red, O’Connor points out, but “strawberry tinted,” and still in the “blonde family”. It’s a look, in fact, known as “fire opal” for its many facets. Since then, the color expert has “flicked in” some blonde around Blake Lively’s face and on the ends. Remember that term—”flicked in”. It could be just what your own stylist needs to hear.

So how long will the transition take? That’s still open, since “we don’t want to ruin her hair,” (always a good plan) says O’Connor, who has been coloring Blake Lively’s locks for four years. “I think she’s having a lot of fun. Who knows what hue we’ll stop at!”

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