Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Dating: Kissing in Photos

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For those who thought Blake Lively dating Ryan Reynolds wasn’t going to last long; think again. Lively and Reynolds are still dating and the proof is in recent photos taken of the two kissing.

Blake Lively HD 11x17 Photo Poster Hot Actress #02 HDQThe pictures were taken during Thanksgiving weekend when Blake and Ryan stayed together at a chic bed and breakfast in quiet Utah. However, unbeknownst to the couple, it wasn’t that quiet because photogs were still able to get photos of their PDA. See the photos here.

Gossip website TMZ used less than tactful words to describe what may have happened between Lively and Reynolds during their romantic getaway. The site writes, “saliva was exchanged, embraces were shared … and they probably banged the hell out of each other.”

Whether or not Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds “banged the hell out of each other” wasn’t shown in the pictures but you can see they were happy to be together and are definitely still dating.

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