Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Romance Rumors Persist

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds relationship seems to be going full steam, according to recent reports. The ‘Gossip Girl’ star was reportedly in Boston this past weekend hanging out with Reynolds, who is on-location shooting a new film.

Nothing like a sexy Blake Lively showing up on set to distract Ryan Reynolds from getting some work done in Boston, right?

Seriously, Blake and Ryan haven’t actually said they are dating, but the usual sources (tabloids, paparazzi photos) all point to the fact that the two have a thing going. Why else would Blake decide to make an impromptu trip to Boston…and then have a fancy sit down dinner with Ryan?

Goodness, Blake Lively was even tailed visiting a men’s clothing store. Speculation went through the roof about what Blake bought Ryan, if in fact what she bought was for him.

Of course, Ryan had also visited the ‘Gossip Girl’ set last week, so who really knows what is going on between the two. Hopefully for Ryan Reynolds sake, Blake Lively won’t be quite as critical about him as say one Scarlett Johansson.

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