Blake Lively takes over “The Town”

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Actress Blake Lively has given up her good-girl character for one that is out of her comfort zone, and she does it with ease.

The actress is earning praise for her portrayal of a single mother addicted to drugs, sex, and alcohol, in Ben Affleck’s new flick, The Town.Actor Blake Lively arrives for the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of 'The Town' at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, Canada on September 11, 2010. UPI/Christine Chew Photo via Newscom

Of the role, Lively says, “I love this character because of the challenge,” she says. “She was written to be a 37-year-old, OxyContin-addicted, drug-muling mother from Boston. It was a character that they didn’t want to read me for because I was 21 and had been acting for a few years but hadn’t proven myself much” (USA Today).

Lively is getting mixed reviews for her work in the film, but the majority say she nailed it. It’s said that Lively floored Affleck during her audition – he even asked her what part of Boston she was from (he’d never seen Gossip Girl) (USA Today)!

Boston is swarming with pride when it comes to this film. Much like The Departed, these Boston-based movies are much less about the characters than they are about one thing in particular: The Town.



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