Blake Lively Takes Ryan Reynolds to Meet the Family

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Blake Lively of Gossip Girl took her new boyfriend Ryan Reynolds to meet the family this last weekend.

The two went to see Blake’s family in Park City, Utah and acted like total lovebirds! They were seen kissing on the plane and she even sat in his lap for a bit. It sounds like the two are doing well together. Taking him to meet the family is a huge step for Blake.

They stayed together at Johnson Mill. Blake Lively’s sister and husband actually own where they stayed. The couple sounds madly in love.

Fans are glad to see them being open about their relationship and taking pictures. At first, the two were sneaking around, but now they don’t seem afraid at all to let the world see that they are happy and together. What do you think of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds as a couple? Will they make it work?

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