Blake Shelton Drinks Often but Says Not a Problem

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Does Blake Shelton have a drinking problem? The country crooner says while he enjoys drinking, he certainly doesn’t get drunk every night. He is becoming known for being drunk in many locations from Taco Bell to the streets of L.A., and has disclosed that his drink of choice is Crystal Light mixed with Bacardi Rum. He seems to be responsible enough to drink safely without creating risk to himself or others, so what is the problem?

Fans of Blake Shelton, who was recently a coach on The Voice, follow him on Twitter and have now learned from his interview with Parade what he believes his drinking is; “It’s just a way to say something ridiculous. Yeah, I drink a lot, but I’m not drunk every night.” Drinking a lot is subjective; for some, that means drunk every weekend, while others it might mean once a month. As long as it doesn’t interfere with his responsibilities to his fans and doesn’t affect the safety of those around him, he should be respected as an adult making safe, but fun choices.

According to People, Blake Shelton also admits to enjoying Bacardi and Sprite Zero, also known as a Blake-arita. These were even served at the singer’s engagement party with Miranda Lambert last September. Moonshine, a well-known southern drink of choice, was actually served at the couple’s wedding in May.

“Back when I was younger, that was a funny thing to do—take a shot of moonshine,” he recalls. “I don’t do it anymore. It will rot your insides out. But people who hadn’t done it were trying it—and I’m sure they were regretting it the next day.

Have you tried moonshine? Did you end up regretting it later?

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