Blanket A Heart

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Four stair step girls, baby cheeks and blonde

play in an army blanket tent in the living room

under the card table and call it camping out.


The itchy green wool smells like father

cigarettes and old spice mixed with sweat

a scent only a hero daddy brings home.


Later, that blanket, spread on sugar white sand

hotter than summer sun and scratchy still

anchors a family to the picnic and the love.


Years pass, a thin green blanket greets a daughter

lost in a dorm room and a crazy love

wiping away almost grown-up fears and tears.


She’s clung to many illusions and half truths since

thoughts that perhaps a soft old army blanket

might solve a world problem or two.



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Getting my groove back with the help of some fine Gather friends and writers who have given me the confidence to be creative once again.

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