Blind Kitten Fighting Off a Hair Dryer! (Video)

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This video of a blind kitten is either extremely sad or infinitely inspiring. According to the YouTube user who posted it, this cat is named Oskar and was born “without fully formed eyeballs.”

That’s pretty tough. And who has ever heard of such a thing?

Using the phrase “kitten” is a bit of a stretch but it does look like this brave kitty hasn’t moved on from the frisky stage, so it passes–barely. But it doesn’t matter. Oskar is awesome!

In the video, Oskar’s owner is pointing a hair dryer at him and, being blind, he’s probably pretty confused by both the sound and the sensation he must be feeling on his fur.

So much so that Oskar tries to grab at the rushing air in front of him. To no avail obviously.

Still, Oskar is one of the cutest kittens ever, just for sheer pluck and the oblivious attitude to his “disability” of not being able to see.

Here’s one blind kitten who will never need a seeing-eye dog…


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