Blocking Enzyme Cut Cancer Spread

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Scientists have found that blocking an enzyme cut the spread of cancer! This amazing discovery was made by researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research in the U.K. File:Adenocarcinoma moderate differentiated (rectum) H&E magn 400x.jpgThey were able to successfully cut the spread of breast cancer to other areas of the body by successfully blocking enzyme LOXL2. Thus far, they have experimented with laboratory mice but the findings are very encouraging.

WhatÂ’s the next step? Well, scientists are hopeful their discovery will help in the creation of a drug which will specifically target the bad enzyme. Tests showed that 90% of patients who died from cancer died because cancerous cells were able to migrate throughout the body. Enzyme LOXL2 was proven to aid cancerous cells in escaping into breast cancer patientsÂ’ bloodstreams and traveling about the body.

Speaking about the future, Dr. Janine Erler stated, “LOXL2 is a fantastic drug target, it’s highly likely to be used in a clinical setting. By using LOX2 to predict whose cancer will spread and drugs to block the enzyme to stop this from happening, many more lives could be saved. This laboratory research shows great promise and we look forward to seeing how it translates into patients.”

These findings are extremely important and give cancer patients hope. ItÂ’s amazing that science and medicine has gotten to this point where blocking a single enzyme will cut the spread of cancer. Although that is great news, more needs to be done now and quickly because lives are still being lost regularly due to cancer. Hopefully, a new safe drug will be developed soon.

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