Does anyone else on here use blogger? I actually use 2… one for my 1st Freebies Blog. Which I had slacked off on & Now i’m getting back into it since I like this one a bit better than the blog I promote on here.  & then I also have my Mommy Diary. I’m trying to get more followers. If you have a blooger or google account (they have a few options) you can follow & not get the emails but just log in to check the sites out. That’s what I do since i have the reader on my gmail page.  But if anyone is interested… here they are…

Anyone that follows me, just let me know. I will return the favor & follow your blog as well.



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My name is Ashley & I'm a working mom of a beautiful girl named Sophia, who was born in January 2008. She is my life and brings lots of joy into it as well as much craziness. I was born & raised in New Orleans, LA & plan on staying here. It's

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