Blood Red (Wednesday Writing Essentials Writing Prompt)

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I see you across the room…with her…the one I despise with all of my being.  She smiles at you and bats her eyes like she has something special to offer.  You smile back and take it all in like the simplest of men. 

Why should I care?  Why should I want someone who is so easily taken in by a pretty smile and a promise? 

Can't you see her for what she is?  Can't you see her glancing at me out of the corner of her eye, gloating?  She would bed you in a heartbeat, but for one reason and one reason only…to keep you away from me. Is that want you want?  Do you even know that I'm in the room, watching you?

You nod your head, and she lowers her eyes.  I can't hear what is being said, nor can I tell if it is in my favor or not.  As the orchestra begins to play, I know the moment of decision has arrived.  I know that the next few moments will ultimately decide the fate of us all.

And then you take her in your arms, and pull her onto the dance floor in one grand gesture that sends me reeling.  My heart drops into the pit of my stomach, and my eyes see nothing but blood red.  I walk toward you both, but you are looking so deeply into each other's eyes, you don't see me.

Other men's eyes follow me across the dance floor.  They lust for me.  They would give anything for a few moments of my time, and here I find myself walking toward you like a common beggar.  Still, you do not see me.

I walk up behind her, and tap her on the shoulder.  She turns around, with a look of disgust and surprise on her face…as if I am intruding in her life. 

You look at me with what seems to be pity on your face.  But I don't want your damned pity!  I want you.  And if I can't have you, she cannot have you either.

The cold steel feels cold and smooth in my gloved hand. It waits for warm flesh to surround it as blood spills down its shiny blade.  Without a word, I plunge the knife into her…and take a curious delight at the way it feels.  The power she had over you leaves in a cascade of red flowing, flowing…as she falls onto you, head on your chest…in that final dance of death.

Now I'm the one with the power, my sweet.  How does it feel to know that?  You're wondering,aren't you?  Wondering if you're next…or if I'll have compassion on your lustful heart of stone.

The look of shock on your face leaves me no choice.  I take your hand and place the cold bloody steel in your hand as I glide past you both.  People continue to dance unawares as I quietly slip out the door, leaving you to your fate.

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