Bloody Mary and a Pearl

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Everyone who knows me knows that I travel.  I travel a lot. I love it too.  And I always find new and interesting foods as well as quirky things to see as I go.  What’s not to love about that, right?

My last trip, however, will probably be presented from end to beginning because I suspect it is more intriguing that way.

Today, while waiting for my flight to bring me home, I did something I often enjoy.  I got to the airport a wee bit early so that I could sample the airport restaurant fare.  More and more airports are opening concessions with great food and drinks–and I like tasting them all.  So, I arrived quite early for my flight with the intention of having my dinner dining experience at the airport since I had a relatively late flight.

Obviously I had no idea what was in store when I made that decision.  I’d been invited to several spots in the area but turned them down.  Why?  Because I’d heard that airports were elevating the bar of dining experiences and that I could get a great meal on the deck while waiting to board my flight.

It turned out to be very true.  I sat down to a lovely Specialty Bloody Mary as a starter.  It was infused with a ton of garlic and delivered quite an alcoholic punch.  The prawn that rested on the rim begged to be bathed in a squirt from the lime wedge and devoured.  So I did just that.

Then, soon-after, our appetizer arrived.  My travel companion and I had ordered a plate of fried oysters to share.  I ate one and was immediately convinced the restaurant was well worth the money. That oyster was succulent and sweet, not overcooked yet fried lightly to highlight all the best aspects of a fresh oyster.

So I ate another.  I bit into it and it seemed to bite back.  Something wasn’t quite right.  And I found myself working something around with my tongue and eventually out into my napkin.  Wow!  It was a miniature pearl!  The most delicate and delightful thing to ever come from a dining experience.

I’d heard that finding a pearl in a raw or fried oyster was extremely rare and yet, here I was with my own mini-pearl.  I quickly bagged it in a pill bag and stuffed it into my carry- on as one of the best souvenirs from a trip ever!

So, you wonder whether I endorse dining at the airport before a flight?  Yes, decidedly yes, you can enjoy a wonderful meal full of nutrition and even perhaps a small surprise treat if you open yourself to the dining options that surround you.  Please dine out and find treasures!  It will build our economy and nourish you at the same time.  And you might even find yourself with a lucky charm or two even if it isn’t St. Patrick’s day weekend.

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