Bloody Sunday Report Released – Bloody Sunday Killings Called ‘Unjustified and Unjustifiable’

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The Bloody Sunday incident that occurred in Northern Ireland, has lived in infamy for almost four decades. British soldiers killed 13 Catholic demonstrators which the Bloody Sunday report calls ‘unjustified and unjustifiable.’ After 12 years, a fact finding investigation has concluded.

The 12 people who were killed during Bloody Sunday were initially branded as Irish Republican Army bombers and gunmen. The people of Londonberry have been waiting 38 years for the victims names to be cleared.

“The victims of Bloody Sunday have been vindicated, and the soldiers of
the Parachute Regiment have been disgraced. Their medals of honor have
to be removed!” said Tony Doherty, son of one of the victims of Bloody Sunday.

The Bloody Sunday report was based on evidence from 921 witnesses, 2,500 written statements and 60 volumes of written evidence, according to British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Cameron apologized on behalf of the British Government for the incident.



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