‘Blue Bloods’ Episode ‘Old Wounds’ Provokes Hurts of the Past and in the Privates

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This week’s Blue Bloods episode, “Old Wounds,” perfectly mixed family matters with seeking justice on the streets in “just right” proportions. The past has a way of poking its ugly head up at all the wrong times, even for the Reagan’s. Assistant District Attorney, Erin [Bridget Moynahan], faces off in court with her just back-in-town ex, Jack, who is defending a dope seller. Handling the case is a piece of cake compared to juggling the feelings stirred up by the reappearance, both for Erin and daughter, Nicky [Sami Gayle], just about to celebrate her sweet 16 birthday. Meanwhile Garrett hovers over Commissioner Frank [Tom Selleck] to keep an eye over a young “Mayor for a Day” essay winner, who says all the right things on paper, but carries a huge grudge over the unsolved murder of his mother seething under the surface, prompting his temporary boss to ask, “How heavy is that chip on your shoulder?” before realizing his concerns are valid. On the streets, Danny [Donny Wahlberg] and Jackie [Jennifer Esposito] sent out to settle a rape case gone wrong that has left its victim permanently haunted and dysfunctional, all while dealing with a shooter who goes for the head and the family jewels. The resolutions bring sad realizations, but promise for the future.

First impressions are important, and Frank isn’t impressed with his guest Mayor, dressing him down for his lack of dress code, and sending him home to change. Erin dashes any shred of rekindling old memories with Jack, reminding him that the last name still on her door is akin to a dieter keeping a “fat photo” on the fridge as a reminder of what not to go back to. Nicky welcomes dad back, but mom reminds her not to equate same zip codes with same habitation ever again, despite daughter being courted by her dad almost more than her new boyfriend, Luke, with invitations to dinner, shows, and Yankee games. Tracing what they think are leads to gang involvement in getting justice for the rapist, Detectives Danny and Jackie interview the victim, still traumatized, living proof that no drugs can stop the pain of a destroyed life. She asks if she can be added to the victims’ list, as they pledge to get justice this time. Having a heart-to-heart with his pained protégé, Jordan, Frank determines to probe into the mother’s murder case, and the truth isn’t pretty. In classic trademark style for Blue Bloods, Frank learns some startling truth from Pop, Henry, [Len Cariou] that his beloved granddad was a dreadful drunk as a father, and the relationship was a pain ever after for Pop, but he couldn’t allow that reality to ruin the bond between grandfather and grandson. Frank finds Jordan on the basketball court, and relates the truth about his mother’s involvement in drug dealing, and being shot in the middle of a drug war with a rival dealer. Frank assures Jordan that his relationship with Frank goes beyond a PR opportunity, being chosen as the mayoral candidate personally, and promised to be the first call made when the mother’s killer is nabbed. The scene closes with a reminder from Frank to Jordan to add wind sprints to his basketball training to build endurance, and again the power of the acting spoke beyond dialogue.

A raid reveals that the detective in the rape case is the killer, and criminal justice at last take the right course. The episode closes with Nicky’s big night of celebration, and new beau, Luke, passing initial inspection, but still under the watchful eye of all the Reagan men, already on the case! Jack arrives at the party as Nicky’s invited guest, and Erin says “it’s good that you’re here,” but warns him to use “Neither” Boyle or “beautiful” in her presence. The former family member gets an icy reception from around the table, apart from Danny and Linda’s twins, as Frank reminds “you had two of the best women to ever live, and you let them both go” to his former son-in-law. The final scene shows “Boyle” being scraped off Erin’s office door, and a new greeting to go along with her last name renovation. The past pains are being put to rest.

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