‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: Collateral Damage

This week on Blue Bloods, Jamie is ordered by Frank to be confined to the house after a hit is put out on “Jimmy” and also on Nobel. Jamie is not happy when his dad is willing to accept Nobel as collateral damage. He tells Jamie that it is too risky to warn Nobel about the hit. Jamie mumbles and grumbles the whole time. What the boy doesn’t quite get is that Frank is more than a little scared to lose another son. Henry tries explaining that to his grandson.

Danny takes Jackie to the ER to get her checked out with her tummy troubles. Too bad Danny’sWill Estes 2011 Shankbone badge won’t work to get them in quicker as the nurse ignores it completely. In walks a man with a bloody face and he collapses and dies right there. Danny and Jackie are investigating what happened. They find out that he was part of a fight club where rich Wall Street bosses throw their employees in the ring while betting money on them. The guy who died was Phil Gibson and his boss rigged his opponent’s boxing gloves so he would lose the fight. Unfortunately, the guy lost his life instead.

The Reagan family dinner had everyone pitted against Jamie. Danny started it with his comment about gangster justice being very efficient. Even Erin agreed with Danny. Henry’s comment to Jamie that his heart was bleeding all over the good tablecloth proved that everyone thought that Jamie was too soft. Does this mean he isn’t a good cop?

Later, they learn that Nobel was indeed shot but Jamie saved his life with his last minute warning. Nobel was brought to Frank’s house, which was a bit surprising considering that this was a mob family. Would there have been a better place for them to meet? Not sure that was a wise idea. Nobel was angry at Jamie when he confessed to being an undercover cop to bring down the Sanfino family. He told Nobel that his sister was in hiding. Jamie convinces him to testify against his family. They will also offer him and his sister to go into the witness protection program. He reluctantly agrees.

In this episode, there is Danny who is a hard-nosed cop that wants to bring justice to the bad guys one way or the other. Then there is Jamie who has a big heart and sees the good in people. Which one does his job better? Do you think that Jamie has what it takes to be a good cop? Jamie made a comment to his dad at the end of the show, “It seems that I see the best in people, even when no one else can. It’s just the way I am built. It’s gotta be an asset in some line of work, but may be a handicap for a cop. It is something to think about.” With this being said, next season may prove to be a struggle for the youngest Reagan family member. Will this be a problem for Frank if his son decides to quit the force?

Next week is the Blue Bloods season finale. It looks like New York City will be under attack once again. Stay tuned for more.

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