‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: Don’t Blame the City

When a tourist is murdered outside a famous New York City restaurant, the city goes on trial for not being safe for tourism, and the NYPD must not only solve the crime, but help heal the city once again too. This was the premise of last night’s Blue Bloods.

The lead investigators in the case are Danny and Jackie, of course. They track down a suspect, but Danny has his suspicions that he’s not the culprit. But Erin is gung ho about bringing a conviction; she had just learned that a murderer who got off during a trial where she was lead prosecutor, killed a store clerk before he was gunned down himself. Now, she’s determined that another murderer will not get off. It’s completely understandable that she’d feel this way; however, her emotions were about to put an innocent man away for murder.

After further investigation, Danny and Jackie were able to track down evidence that the man’s wife was actually involved in the murder. She was in the restaurant while he was outside smoking when he was gunned down and robbed. After he died, her sister and her husband were flown by a friend of theirs to New York to bring him home. But Danny’s suspicions continued to rise. It turned out the pilot friend was having an affair with the wife, and the two conspired to kill him to inherit his money. Too bad they planned the whole thing to take place in the Reagan’s neck of the woods. Between Danny’s uncanny ways of knowing when something’s not right and Frank’s way of dealing with the real issues, the true story was revealed, and the city, along with the original suspect, was set free.

Frank had his hands full during the investigation dealing with the media trying to turn the murder into a circus about the city not being safe for tourists. New York may not be the safest place in the world, but it’s also not the worst. There are plenty of things to love about it, and if you take precautions, as you should anywhere you go, you can have a great time and stay perfectly safe. The writers’ of this episode did a great job of showing how pejorative people’s perceptions can be of the city. Ask any New Yorker why they live there, and they’ll most likely tell you it’s because there’s nowhere else they’d rather live.

Tune in to CBS next Friday at 10/9c for an all new episode of Blue Bloods. You can also look back at the incredible first season on the show’s website as it gets ready for its first season finale coming up on May 13.

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