‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: No Questions Asked

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On this week’s episode of Blue Bloods, three thugs rob a pharmacy and when one of the patrons tries to intervene, he gets shot. The witness gives Danny and Jackie a detailed description of the gun used by the shooter. It was a Colt 45 with white on the handle. Luckily, the victim is expected to recover.

Nicky’s friend, Diane has a sexy picture of herself that got sent out to everyone at school via their phones. Nicky tries to comfort her friend but she backs away. Now Diane is mad at Nicky for not sticking up for her.

The shooter shows up to the gun buyback program, which complicates things with the “no questions asked” policy. The female officer knows who it is and although it is a no-no to take a picture of him, she does it anyway because she wants to do the right thing and catch the guy. Unfortunately, Reverend Potter comes over demanding that she show the photo. She thought fast and had put it in her trash bin before he showed up. She then takes the photo to the precinct but Danny is firm about the policy and decides not to use the picture after all.

Danny heads to the hospital to question the shooting victim but he doesn’t seem to remember the details very well. Danny is conflicted as he wonders what to do to find this guy. Instead of showing him the photo, Danny gives the boy some prodding and came up with the sketch of the shooter. That is one way to do it without actually using the photo.

Nicky talks to her uncle Jamie about what happened at school. She feels guilty about not sticking up for her. Jamie had some wise words for her. Actually, he told her this is what her grandpa would tell her, “What you do next is what counts.” Nicky asks Jamie to find out who sent that picture; however, Diane says she doesn’t want to know. Jamie tells Nicky why she doesn’t want to find out is because she sent that picture herself. Nicky plays it safe and tells Diane that Jamie couldn’t get that information

Frank brings the officer in that had the run-in with Reverend Potter and she ends up confessing about what happened and that she did indeed take that picture of the shooter. Frank understood why she did it but there are consequences for not following the rules of the program.

Danny and Jackie apprehend the shooter which brought on one of those classic Danny moments. As he was handcuffing the kid, he tells him, “You know, if you pull your pants up next time, you might get away.” Loved it!

Frank and Danny go out for drinks. They disagree over Danny coaching the witness into making an ID. Back at home later on, they make good with each other. The Reagan family dinner this time was short and sweet. It ended with Danny saying grace.

Catch another new episode of Blue Bloods next Friday on CBS.

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