“Blue Bloods” Recap: The Good Son

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After Frank was shot, the NYPD went into full alert looking for the gunman on this week’s “Blue Bloods.”

When Frank had his weekly dinner with some friends at their usual restaurant, he invited them all to join him in a dedication ceremony in which an atrium is being named for Joe.  As Frank and one of his friends, a local priest, leave the restaurant, he is alerted to a car screeching around the corner, and dives in front of his friend as gunfire erupts.  Did he just take a bullet for his friend?  And if so, who would want to kill a priest?

The rest of the Reagans meet at the hospital, where they learn Frank will be alright.  One of the bullets nicked his artery, and the others entered his lungs, but they were all removed successfully, and he was going to have a good recovery.  Jackie kept Danny up-to-date on the investigation, as the acting commissioner would not let him take place in it.  But when a lead showed up showing a possible connection to a local crime family, Danny joined Jackie in the investigation anyway.

It turns out the family was involved in a shooting with the NYPD years ago when Frank was still a detective.  They knew the family was attending their grandson’s christening at the church, and set up outside to arrest the father, who was the boss of the family.  A gunfight broke out, which wounded several officers and killed the boss’ wife and grandbaby.  It seems as though the bullets were meant for Frank after all.

Danny and Jackie went to talk to the father, who was now in the hospital prison, dying, where Danny had a run-in with his older son.  They drew their guns, the son took a nurse hostage and shot her, a chase ensued on the stairs, and Danny shot and killed him in self-defense.  But later, when he visited the nurse, she told him the son was with her watching TV the night of the shooting while his father slept.  She also overheard a phone call he had with his brother, in which he yelled at him that he couldn’t even get this right.

Danny had met with the brother at his bar earlier, where he claimed he had nothing to do with the family business, and hadn’t even seen or talked to his brother in years.  He said he was “the good son.”  Now Danny knew he was lying, and that he was in fact the shooter.  Now that his brother was dead, he was going to want revenge on Frank even more, and knew exactly where to find him: at Joe’s dedication.

Danny quickly called Jamie, and filled him in, gave him a description of the son and told him to be on the lookout for him.  Joe looked all over the auditorium for him, and began searching the stairs leading down to it.  All he saw was another priest; but it was the good son in disguise.  Danny made it inside in time to make the guy as he saw him pull his gun and aim it at Frank.  He signaled Joe, and together, the two of them apprehended him and stopped him from killing Frank, as Frank watched from the podium onstage while giving his speech about Joe.  No one else had a clue as to what happened behind them.  It was one of the best scenes any cop show has ever done.

This exciting episode should go down in history as one of the best episodes of the series.  But then again, every episode seems better than the previous.  In its first season, “Blue Bloods” is making an impact that will ensure a wide audience that will stay with it throughout its lifecycle.  Catch an all new episode of “Blue Bloods” next Friday at 10/9c on CBS.


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