‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: The Uniform

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On this week’s episode of Blue Bloods, Danny and Jackie are sent out to investigate the murder of a man that was shot and killed in a diner. The witness says that he saw a cop walk out right after the shooting but he and the owner of the diner have both disappeared.

They eventually find out that the cop’s name is Mike Galatis who it turns out is the nephew of the diner’s owner, Connie Markos. After finding a box full of stolen handguns in Connie’s storage unit, he is arrested for the crime but says he is innocent and points the finger at his nephew. Danny befriends Mike after Mike tells him that he can’t believe his uncle would do this since they were so close. Danny encourages Mike to do the right thing by giving them the information they need to prove that Connie was into trafficking stolen handguns. Danny tells Mike to take the police exam again and that he would support him all the way.

Back at the office, Frank has to deal with the mayor who now wants to start an NYPD recruiting campaign. Frank is against the proposal of using 9/11 and terrorism for this and instead suggests using personal stories that come from the men of the NYPD which would be much more productive and powerful. Frank got that idea from his son, Jamie who told his dad he remembers all of the personal stories he heard while growing up and how much that has impacted him.

Jamie, who is struggling with bills, takes on a second job working with his partner, Renzulli painting houses. But things lighten up at the Regan family dinner when the family discusses where they would be if the guys hadn’t passed their exams. Erin razzes Jaime on career choices. Danny reminds his sister of her career choice of being a cocktail waitress at the Roxy. Frank tells Jamie that he knew about Erin but there are some things you just let slide.

Blue Bloods is on Fridays at 10pm on CBS.

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