‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: Whistle Blower

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On a brand new episode of Blue Bloods, Frank starts out by honoring the New York Mounted Police that also put their lives on the line to keep people safe. Meanwhile, an informant working for Erin is gunned down while on an anniversary date with his wife. His name was Ray Milo and had received many threats according to his devastated wife.

Erin is determined to find out who the leak was and if it is from within. Milo’s wife, Jenna blames Erin for getting her husband killed and lashes out at her. Danny and Jackie bring in the supposed hit man Billy Reese, and after finding the gun with his fingerprints on it, they get him to tell them who actually hired him to make the hit. It turns out that the construction contractor Parker had hired this guy to kill Milo when he found out that he was the whistle-blower. The person who told him about it was Milo’s wife whom he was having an affair with. The Blue Bloods once again stick together to solve a case.

Frank does damage control and investigates a video that was leaked of a NYPD cop hitting on an old man. The department catches flak from the citizens of New York that are up in arms over the video and are keeping an eye on the police themselves. However, Frank finds out that a journalist leaked the video but only part of it. After getting hold of the full, unedited version that showed the officer was just defending himself and had acted professionally and did the right thing. Frank told the department that as long as they do their jobs as they were taught and come back alive, that is all he asks of them.

The Reagan family dinner table still proves to be full of jokes and laughter even when Erin is going through her troubles. They always find time to be together as a family and support each other.

Be sure to catch the next episode of Blue Bloods Friday nights on CBS.

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