‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: Women With Guns

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On this week’s episode of Blue Bloods, Jamie gets contacted by Bianca Sanfino as she tells him that she needs to see him. Jamie, aka Johnny, is confronted at the door with a gun but he ends up talking Bianca into handing it over so they can talk. She tells him that Johnny Tesla is dead and she wants to know what he did with him. Jamie swears he had nothing to do with it.

Frank runs into Melanie Maines, a high-profie reporter who happens to be someone he knows quite well. It turns out that those two get together a few times when she is in town. Who knew? Certainly not Danny who it seems is a little shy talking about his dad’s personal stuff after he is called by Frank when someone throws acid at Melanie unexpectedly. The acid barely missed her face and now it is up to Danny and Jackie to investigate the case. As Danny visits with his sister Erin, they talk about their dad’s surprise relationship and Erin thinks it’s funny when Danny is blushing. Erin got a good laugh out of her brother.

After talking to Melanie, Danny looks into any stalkers that may have threatened her recently. She says that she has a list going on threats she receives. They rule out some suspects as Danny starts thinking that maybe it is more of an inside job, someone that is closer to Melanie. He is right as her producer was behind the attack. He got wind that Melanie was about to fire him and this was his way to retaliate when he hired someone to attack her. He is definitely fired now as Melanie is about to hit the guy herself.

Meanwhile, Jamie has his hands full when it looks like he is being set up for Johnny’s murder. He meets with Noble who wants to know where his sister is. Jamie tells him he has no idea. Jamie gets in the car with Noble as he heads into a trap. The Sanfino family is waiting for him as they try to drag him into another waiting car. The police get there just in time to arrest Jamie for the murder of Johnny Tesla. Of course, this was a fake arrest to get Jamie to safety without blowing his cover.

Melanie is leaving town once again as Frank says his goodbyes until next time. The following day, Sunday dinner at the Reagan’s has Frank happy as a clam. Jokes are made between the family but Frank doesn’t seem to care. He takes it all in stride. Only Jamie is not up to par on what’s happening with his dad. It was quite a sweet scene.

Catch an all new episode of Blue Bloods next Friday on CBS.

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