Blue Ivy Carter Gets Honorary Citizenship? Beyonce’s Baby Gets Special Recognition!

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Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby daughter, is now an honorary citizen in Croatia. What? Really? How does an infant suddenly become an honorary citizen of a country she has never been to? From the sound of things, it is all in a name.

That’s right, thanks to Beyonce and Jay-Z naming their baby Blue Ivy Carter, the baby is now an honorary citizen of the Croatian island of Hvar. Apparently, someone in Hvar heard that Beyonce and Jay-Z named Blue Ivy after a special tree that is covered in “blue ivy” that lives on the island. Talk about a fun honor. Of course, Hvar has benefited from Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby name choice. The small island has seen a nice increase in attention and tourism.

“The story of the origin of the name of your daughter has brought enormous media attention and therefore tourist promotion to the town and island of Hvar,” said Major Pjerino Bebic’s in a letter to the superstar music couple. “I have decided to confer on your daughter the status of honorary citizen of the town of Hvar.”

One thing is for sure, if Blue Ivy Carter ever takes a vacation to Croatia, she may never have to buy dinner or drinks!

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