Blue Power Ranger David Yost: I’m Gay – Considered Suicide – Video

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A Power Ranger star comes out of the closet. David Yost admits he is gay. Yost starred in The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers kids series and was the blue Power Ranger. For David Yost, being gay brought him dangerously close to suicide.

David Yost wasn’t with Fox’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for very long when he was written off the show and sent to live on another planet. What really happened with his exit from the show is more disturbing than a write-off. Yost stated in an interview that he actually left the show after being harassed because he was gay:

“The reason that I walked off is that I was called ‘f—–’ one too many times…I had just heard that several times while working on the show from creators, producers, writers, directors…

Basically I just felt like i was continually being told I was not worthy of being where I am because I’m a gay person. And I’m not supposed to be an actor. And I’m not a superhero.”

It’s certain that the harassment probably had a detrimental affect on Yost. Not surprisingly, he did have a nervous breakdown after leaving the Power Ranger’s show. However, Yost was able to bounce back and continue in other acting ventures.

Nowadays, when an actor comes out as gay, it’s safe to say there is more acceptance than 20 years ago. Incredibly it’s been that long since the Power Rangers have been on TV and for Yost, it’s understandable why he would be treated with more negativity back then.

20 years ago, people were still struggling with being a gay actor and the limited roles they were afraid of getting. However, more and more gay actors are accepted in straight roles nowadays. A very good example…Barney of HIMYM. Neil Patrick Harris is gay and yet he plays the most convincing womanizer ever, on How I Met Your Mother!

What do you think about David Yost coming out? Was it a surprise or was it more like Ricki martin?

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