‘Boardwalk Empire’ Recap ‘Resolution’ on HBO

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As Season 3 première episode of “Boardwalk Empire” continues, it is New Year’s Eve before 1923, three years after the death of Jimmy Darmody at the hands of Nucky Thompson.

As the episode opens, Teddy and his sister are having breakfast, and the radio gives information about an aviatrix who is taking flight the next morning from Cape May. A few remarks about a woman pilot starts among the staff and is quickly put to rest by Margaret.

A new gangster is coming to meet with Nucky on the “Boardwalk Empire,” but about 60 miles from Atlantic City, he gets a flat tire and is unable to fix it. When a Good Samaritan comes by with his dog and tries to help, he insults Gyp and is then killed and Gyp takes his dog.

Margaret is at St. Teresa’s Hospital doing her philanthropic work when a pregnant woman collapses in a pool of blood and has a miscarriage. Margaret finds out that it could have been prevented with instructions and prenatal care, but neither is available.

As the party is about to get under way, the élite and the underworld figures all show up. Eddie Cantor and a dancer with the nickname of Billie put on a great show for the guests.

In Chicago, Al Capone is making the resolution to not kill anyone in 1923, but after being insulted by a florist, he intends to make an exception before the New Year. When the florist was in a meeting with other gangsters, he made a rude comment to Al about his deaf child.

Al and another goon come to pay him a visit, in walks Van Alden who is a now door-to-door salesman, towering over the two thugs. The florist is a quick thinker and acts like Van Alden is one of his goons and threatens the guys with whatever Van Alden is carrying in his suitcase. The thugs leave, and as a reward, the florist buys two dozen of the irons.

Gillian Darmody is now running a brothel and raising Tommy as her own son in the home of the late Commodore. When Richard Harrow tells him about his mother, Angela, Gillian chastises him for doing it and lets him know that if he wants to stay there, he should heed her wishes.

At Nucky’s party Eddie Cantor brings a new dancer with him, she is named Billie Kent and can really dance provocatively and brings Nucky to the dance floor with her, and after the party, she and Nucky have a rendezvous of their own.

Richard Harrow knows that Manny Horvitz killed Angela, who he secretly loved and goes to kill him and succeeds.

Margaret starts to seriously think about becoming a true businesswoman and hurries down to the beach to see the aviatrix fly over Atlantic City.

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