Bob Barker not Dead – Hospitalized after he Collapses in LA

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Bob Barker, former Price is Right host was hospitalized on Thursday after collapsing at a shooting range. An eyewitness said Bob Barker was hospitalized after he fell unconscious while shooting a gun. So, what happened to Bob Barker?

According to Popeater, Bob Barker was hospitalized after he collapsed at a shooting range and apparently, a couple thing may have triggered the incident. It’s unfortunate the Bob Barker, 86, had to be hospitalized. His rep initially blamed a drug for the incident. However, the rep changed his story later on. So, what was really the cause of the collapse that sent Bob Barker to the hospital?

According to USA Today, blood thinners were blamed for putting Bob Barker in the Hospital. However, his rep later blamed dehydration. Unfortunately, at 86, Bob Barker is not in the best health so even a simple task could cause problems. Fortunately, Bob Barker’s collapse didn’t keep him at the hospital for long.

His rep stated that bob Barker has checked out of the hospital. He is said to be resting comfortably now.

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