Bob Woodward Goes after Obama on Sequester

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The latest development in the war of words between the Obama administration and legendary journalist Bob Woodward took place Wednesday, on the MSNBC program Morning Joe, when Woodward tore into the president, calling his behavior in regard to his handling of the sequester “madness,” according to Mediaite.

At host Joe Scarborough’s request, Woodward recapped the fight with the Obama administration, which centers on who proposed the sequester first. Woodward then announced that the White House has conceded the point that the idea of the sequester did originally come from the Obama administration.

The Washington Post journalist, most famous for helping to break the Watergate scandal during the Nixon administration, proceeded to go after Obama in a way few would have expected.

The Inquisitr quotes Woodward as saying, “I think peoples’ heads are about to explode about all of this, you know, what the hell is going on here,” Woodward said. “I’m not sure the White House understands exactly what happened in all of these negotiations at the end of 2011 with the sequester and the super committee, because they were really on the sidelines.”

It is somewhat ironic to hear remarks like these coming from Bob Woodward, considering the fact that he seemed to be on such good terms with the president, previous to this dust-up. The administration treated him as a favorite, giving the journalist generous access to the White House.

Woodward fervently criticized Obama’s comments stating that the “sequester cuts would force an American aircraft carrier to not deploy to the Persian Gulf.” Woodward suggested that other presidents such as Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton would not have allowed a budget document to interfere with matters of national security.

“Under the Constitution, the president is commander-in-chief and employs the force. And so we now have the president going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement, ‘I can’t do what I need to do to protect the country,'” mocked Woodward. “That’s a kind of madness that I haven’t seen in a long time.”

It is refreshing to see a seemingly unbiased reporter these days. Woodward appears to have no reservations about holding a president’s feet to the fire, whether they be Republican or Democrat. Hopefully, this will inspire his colleagues to do the same.

Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward by Jim Wallace (Smithsonian Institution), via Wikimedia Commons

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