Bobbi Kristina Brown Addiction Issues? Whitney Houston’s Mom Says No

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Does Bobbi Kristina Brown have addiction issues? That’s the major questions fans have been pondering since Whitney’s Houston’s death. Whitney’s funeral was even cloudy with rumors that Bobbi Kristina may have been under the influence of drugs at the time. Things have only managed to get worse for the singer‘s daughter as her life and her lifestyle have come under scrutiny.

WhitneyThe main focus in the aftermath of Houston’s death has been on Bobbi Kristina despite Bobby Brown’s early departure raising a few eyebrows during Houston’s funeral. However, while the world waits and wonders about Bobbi Kristina’s addiction issues, there is one woman who has dismissed all the hearsay. That woman is her grandmother, Houston’s mother, Cissy.

Cissy doesn’t believe Bobbi Kristina Brown has addiction issues but she also doesn’t want Bobbi Brown to be hanging around too much. The grandmother reportedly is trying “to keep Bobby Brown’s contact with his daughter at a minimum, as she continues to blame him for most of Whitney’s problems with drugs and alcohol.”

Each addict has their own story and each story is a painful one. The public knows Whitney’s Houston’s angelica life quickly changed once she got with bad boy partier Bobby Brown. The public also knows both mega singers had addiction issues with narcotics but does that mean their only daughter is suffering the same fate? The public doesn’t know much about 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown but they do know she, too, has gone through rehab before so there is the possibility of relapse and concerns of addition are valid and warranted. Whether or not they are true is officially unknown but there are speculations. What do you think?

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