Bobbi Kristina Brown Feels Used in Wake of Whitney Houston’s Death

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Bobbi Kristina Brown reportedly feels like her family is using her in the wake of her mother, Whitney Houston’s death. Why is it she’s feeling used? Does it involve money?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, it doesn’t sound like money is the culprit at this point. The 18-year-old apparently feels like she’s being used as a sort of ‘bargaining chip’ in a long time family feud.

Tensions are quickly on the rise between Whitney’s ex-husband Bobby Brown and the rest of the family. A source says her devastated daughter “feels she is being used as a tool to get family members to take sides.”

Trust issues are playing a major role in what is no doubt best for Bobbi Kristina at this point in time. Her mom’s family, including grandmother Cissy Houston, wants her to enter rehab immediately. They feel that probable ongoing drug use combined with the tragedy they are all still experiencing could lead her down the very same path as her mom. Because of the feud, however, the poor kid doesn’t know which side she should believe–her dad or her mom’s family.

The source says that talk of rehab to Bobbi Kristina right now is “going in one ear and out the other, because she really is having some major trust issues.”

It seems Whitney Houston was the only person her daughter trusted. It is said she has no true friends her own age. That means she is relying on family members to help her through this horrible time, but she doesn’t really trust any of them because she feels used.

What do you think will become of Bobbi Kristina Brown? Is she headed for her mother’s tragic fate? Will Bobby Brown grow up himself and become the father she needs? Or will Cissy Houston and the rest of Whitney’s family succeed at getting her into rehab and charting the course for the rest of her life.

This poor girl needs prayers, love, and some serious professional help. Do you think she will get what it takes to save her from an inevitable downfall?

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