Bobbi Kristina Brown Left Everything by Whitney Houston… with a Catch!?

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When Whitney Houston died, she left her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown everything. Yep, the entire estate was willed to Bobbi K; the thing is, there was one little catch!

A catch? You don’t say! Yep, Whitney Houston had a little provision written into her will, which has been validated by a Fulton County Georgia Probate Court. Bobbi Kristina Brown is set to get it all, inheriting all the furniture, clothing, property, jewelry and the like… when she turns 30. That’s right, the 19-year-old daughter of pop legend Whitney Houston has to wait more than a decade to actually control the property that her mom left her in the will.

Will Bobbi Kristina get any access to the money so she can live until then? At least there is a provision put in place in the will. Apparently the inheritance must be put into a trust. Bobbi gets 10% of her inheritance at her 21st birthday, 1/6 more at 25 and the rest at age 30. So, Bobbi Kristina Brown has to hold off until March of 2014 before she will actually see any of the money from her dead mother. At least there will be no chance of her blowing her inheritance on anything straight away.

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