Bobbi Kristina Pregnant? Tabloid Rumors Continue After Whitney Houston’s Death!

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Is Bobbi Kristina Brown pregnant? According to the tabloids, not only is Whitney Houston’s daughter pregnant, but by a young man the singer “adopted” into the family. Pregnancy rumors are the latest in the line of crazy tabloid stories.

To say that the tabloids have had a field Flickr Whitney Houston performing on GMA 2009 5day with the entire tragic death of Whitney Houston would be an understatement. The current target is Houston’ daughter, Bobbi Kriss.

The National Enquirer (and others) have had Brown dating, engaged to, married to, and doing drugs with live-in “brother” and “boyfriend” Nick Gordon.

Now the latest rumor has Bobbi Kristina not only dating, engaged, or married to Nick. Nope… now she is pregnant! Can a rumor like this be shocking to anyone at this point?

So is Bobbi Kris really having a baby? Perhaps, as only time will tell. Most likely, however, this rumor is just a way for the tabloids to sell more papers. The more scandalous the claims about Whitney Houston or her family at this point, the more papers the tabloid will sell.

As for Bobbi Kristina, can the tabloids just give the girl a break? Can’t they let her have the peace and quiet she craves as she mourns her dead mother? No, wait, Bobbi doesn’t seem to crave quiet, why else would she have gone on Oprah for an interview?

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