Bobby Brown Enjoys Children After DUI Charges!

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Maybe when Bobby Brown was recently charged with DUI, just weeks after his ex-wife Whitney Houston died, he decided to change his ways. Maybe not, though for at least one day, Bobby decided to spend a beautiful early spring day with his child.

That’s right, Bobby Brown opted for an afternoon out with his family. So out went Brown, his fiancée Alicia Etheridge, and his son Cassius to enjoy some quality time together. Perhaps holding his child’s hand and spending quality time with his fiancée are good things for Bobby. They may even be therapeutic.

So a sunny day was just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully he won’t face jail time stemming from his DUI and driving on a suspended licence charges. Maybe the DUI was just the thing to make Bobby Brown wake-up and face the music, as if Whitney Houston’s funeral wasn’t enough of a wake-up call. Bobby knows that he is really walking a very thin line now. If he wants to spend more time with his children and his fiancée, there can be no more screw-ups. For Bobby to be successful now, he pretty much needs to step away from things like alcohol… or call a cab.

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