Bobby Brown to Perform Hours After Whitney Houston’s Funeral

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Far too much drama is surrounding Whitney Houston’s death: First, what was actually the cause of the death. Then Whitney’s daughter having a breakdown that landed her in the hospital. And then Whitney’s family reporting that they would try to ban Bobby Brown from her funeral. And now Bobby Brown saying he does plan to attend the funeral, but get this, just hours after Whitney gets laid to rest, Bobby will be performing at a casino.

According to the most recent funeral plans, Whitney Houston’s funeral will take place in Newark, New Jersey, on Saturday at noon. Bobby Brown is scheduled to perform a concert at a casino in Connecticut at 8 ‘o clock that same night. He definitely is not missing any opportunity to promote his music career, though you can at least look at it in a positive light in that he is booking shows around family plans. It only seems fitting anyways as he performed in Mississippi hours after Whitney’s death was reported.

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