Bobsled Wardrobe Malfunction Cheeky Video

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Bobsled wardrobe malfunction may, unfortunately, be the first claim to fame for Gillian Cooke. This 27 year old bobsledder is getting ready to compete in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. During the World Championship race, Cooke wound up getting cheeky when the material on her rear split in a revealing bobsled wardrobe malfunction.

Yup, the moment all of us ladies dread. This unfortunate bobsled wardrobe malfunction revealed Cooke’s derrière and her underwear. Cooke thought she was ready to take off when suddenly her ASSets were showing. Do you remember those spandex pants from the eighties? You always feared that would split up the back.

I’m sure Cooke will be making plans to avoid a bobsled wardrobe malfunction at the Winter Olympics. Here is YouTube video of UK’s Gilliam Cooke bobsled wardrobe malfunction:



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