Bodies Found in Barrels in South Carolina

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At least two barrels located in Lake Hartwell contain human remains in what is becoming a gruesome story in development. The first container was sealed containing the body of a woman, and the second one was located on Wednesday a short distance from the first. This source believes they were thrown from Centerville Road Bridge, but police are not confirming or denying any claims.

The identity of the young woman is known by officials, but it is not being released until her family has been notified. There are many missing women that have not yet been found in the southern United States, but it would be impossible to speculate on who the body could be—also, she may not even be a missing woman. The identity of the second set of human remains has not yet been determined.

A killer is at large in Anderson County, South Carolina—a place that is no stranger to homicide albeit not in high numbers like large cities around the U.S. Hopefully the discovery of the remains leads to a quick arrest, because the community doesn’t need to live in fear of a killer.

When bodies are disposed of in barrels in this manner it shows that the person responsible is trying carefully not to get caught. However, few killers are able to escape forensic science, so it’s only a matter of time before officials get down to the bottom of things.

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