Body at Sandringham Believed Murdered – This is Second Body Found near Queen’s Residence

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The body found in Sandringham over the holiday weekend is that of a woman, who police believe fell victim to a murder. A dog-walker discovered the body on Sunday. This is the second time a body’s been found near the Queen’s residence in less than a year. Back in October, a body of an American man was found near Buckingham Palace. The man held an obsession for the Queen and royal family.

File:Sandringham House, Norfolk - - 668433.jpgWhile the authorities are conducting a murder investigation after finding the woman’s body on the grounds of Sandringham, they’ve also scheduled an autopsy, or post-mortem, for today. The authorities are searching across the country for cases that might link the body of the woman with other cases, according to MSNBC Europe.

Police said the body was found on Sunday about the same time that the Queen and Prince Phillip were returning from church services. The authorities notified the Queen last night about the grizzly find on Sandringham’s property. While the police are calling this a “murder investigation,” they’ve not even offered an estimate on the timeline for the woman’s death, just stating that the “body has been there for sometime.”

The dog-walker who found the woman’s body was part of the public and not associated with the royal family’s staff, authorities said. Police are checking into older unsolved missing person cases today. The area where the body was found remains roped off and the “detailed investigation” includes many law enforcement staff combing the area.

The first body found in October near Buckingham Palace was that of an American man in his sixties, according to the Telegraph. The man, identified as Robert James Moore, is known as obsessed with the Queen and the royal family. He contacted the Queen often by mail. He sent hundreds of letters and many “strange and offensive” packages to the Queen over a fifteen-year period. He sent letters that contained up to 600 pages, along with lewd pictures of himself. He also sent packages with false warnings that they contained dangerous substances.

Moore set up camp on an island in St. James Park which gave him a direct view to Buckingham Palace. His body was found by a tree surgeon in October after he’d been dead up to three years authorities estimate. This coupled with the body found at Sandringham is a bit eerie, considering it’s not often that a dead body is found on your property, never mind having two pop-up close by in the last year.

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