Body Found Near Parsons; Is It Holly Bobo?

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It’s being reported that a body was found after a search near Parsons, Tennessee, over this weekend. This update comes after it was revealed that investigators and cadaver dogs were searching the area near Bible Hill Road. This region doesn’t have very many missing persons cases, and the ones that are from the area are probably why officials are keeping mum on this recent search and discovery. In fact, they don’t want the media involved at all, but there is no gag order.

Could the human remains found this weekend belong to missing Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo? The then-20-year-old woman was allegedly abducted from her property in Darden on April 13, 2011. If there is a chance that the body is hers, then it would probably take some time for the remains to be identified through forensics.

The other case that comes to mind is the disappearance of Kristie Baugus Moon—who vanished in 1999 from Parsons, Tennessee. It’s unlikely that these remains belong to this missing woman as it’s been rumored for years that the only suspect in her disappearance allegedly fed her to hogs and then ended up getting shot by police in an unrelated crime later.

Apparently a national missing persons organization took part in this weekend’s search and discovery, so it would be interesting to know who and what dog found these remains. These trainers and their working pets go through a lot of emotional and physical turmoil to bring missing people home for proper burials, so they deserve a lot of kudos.

If the body belongs to Holly Bobo, then the next step in the case is to find out who did this to her and why. If this is someone else, it would be interesting to find out why another missing person hasn’t been reported out of Parsons lately.

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