Body of Mickey Shunick Continually Tampered with by Suspect

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The body of Mickey Shunick may have been continually tampered with by Brandon Scott Lavergne, constantly moved from one point to the other. At least that’s what prosecutors in Louisiana are saying, which creates questions about how they’ve come to this conclusion. One of the court filings made recently pertaining to the case insinuates that the suspect in the missing woman’s disappearance had been moving her remains to keep police confused about the location of her final resting place. This would explain why she still hasn’t been found.

It’s a gruesome thought to consider; Brandon Lavergne constantly tampering with the remains of Mickey Shunick. However, the court filing, or reports covering it, haven’t released details that led prosecutors to believe this. Did the use of cadaver dogs pan out with hits on human decomposition in the absence of a body? That would be one way to determine a body had been relocated. If so, did this occur in several points of interest?

Lavergne is still being uncooperative in the investigation and recently pleaded “not guilty” to both the murder of Shunick and the 1999 slaying of Lisa Pate — who police believe was tampered with in the same fashion as the missing anthropology student.

If any of these allegations are true, then it’s safe to say that Brandon Scott Lavergne displays the markers of a very sick individual. The fact that police confiscated photos he had taken of himself smeared with blood indicates that he participated in acts of sheer depravity fit for a horror movie. That’s not sensationalism; it’s just an honest observation that this person is a danger to society and must never be released (again).

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