Body of Missing Woman Discovered

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The body of a missing woman was discovered this weekend in North Carolina, bringing an end to an extensive search for her. Although it hasn’t been confirmed by coroners yet, it’s believed that the human remains belong to Edwardyne “Dynee” Williams.

The daughters of Edwardyne Williams, age 50, have been distraught since she vanished on November 27th. The youthful appearing woman went missing mysteriously, having no history of leaving like this. They’re convinced something bad happened to her, because in the beginning of her disappearance her car was abandoned. Her purse was hanging on a tree with her house keys and her car keys were missing. This made the mysterious disappearance all the more disheartening.

The discovery of the body today was located around Canady Pond Road, which is the very same road the missing woman took residence. It’s strange that her body was discovered so close to home, if it’s her body, since police and volunteers have been searching for her for weeks. Sources report that the woman’s body was in “a state of decomposition.” They didn’t reveal how advanced the state of decomposition was, but is it possible to decompose beyond the point of recognition in as little as three weeks in the wintertime?

If the body is in fact the missing 50-year-old mother, then her family needs all the support they can get. One of her daughters is graduating soon and had been trying to get ahold of her mom to discuss it. Now these girls are probably without a mother, and it’s time for an investigation to ensue. It’s unknown how she died at the moment, but an autopsy is pending.

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