Body of Missing Women Found

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While the media is overtaken with the case of missing Holly Bobo, several bodies of missing persons have been discovered over the past couple of weeks. Tonight, the body of a woman missing in Florida was discovered, opening the door to a mysterious investigation for Florida officials.

Sources reveal that Mary Anne Zarb went missing when her family reported her as such earlier in the month. She was found in a heavily wooded location near the Charlotte County line. Police know how she died, but haven’t released the cause of death. They have made several arrests. Among the arrests, two men have been charged for murder and robbery. Three others, who are young adults ranging from 17 to 19 years old, have also been arrested but are not charged for any murders as of yet.

And remember the body that washed up the same river as the missing teen, Phylicia Barnes? Well, turns out the body belonged to that of a 53-year-old man with mental problems. His family is adamantly denying that he had any connection to the missing 15-year-old. Weird huh? Strange indeed.

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