‘Body of Proof’ ‘Buried Secrets’ Recap and Review

What’s Body of Proof without a case causing Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney) to think of her own life? In season one, episode eight, “Buried Secrets,” Hunt and the Medical Examiner Office team is on the case of a deceased cop. At first, they think it’s a hit-and-run, but they soon realize he was dead before the car ever hit him.

The case of Joe Salerno
Body of Proof [pilot] 35 Brenton AvePic0003The Body of Proof team–led by Samantha (Sonja Sohn), who was a friend of Joe’s (Derek Russo)–quickly put together the clues and realize Joe was freelancing an old case, that of the murder of Lizzy Adler (Rebecca Blumhagen). If they find lacrosse player Lizzy’s murderer, they think they’ll find Joe’s. They follow the trail of Zorpac drugs and Joe’s cause of death, warfarin poisoning, to Lizzy’s own lacrosse team member, Heather Clayton (Meg Steedle). Heather accidentally killed Lizzy after getting mad at her for breaking her finger during practice.

It was a sad accident in the end, but one the lacrosse coach (James Colby) covered up by killing Joe.

Megan and the exhumations
So where does the drama come in? There’s a moment of “oh, no” when the Chief (Jeri Ryan) tells Megan and Curtis (Windell Middlebrooks) to stop looking at Lizzy’s body, because their exhumation was illegal. (Ethan [Geoffrey Arend] hadn’t yet received permission from Lizzy’s parents). But the real drama came from what this case led Megan to do.

The drama started before the case did. At breakfast with her mom, Megan leaves to head to the crime scene. Clearly, things have not gotten better between mother and daughter since Body of ProofSociety Hill,” as her mom Joan (Joanna Cassidy) thinks that the dead body is more important than spending time with her.

“You care more about the dead than the living, because they can’t talk back,” Judge Joan Hunt says.

“Believe it or not, they have something to say,” Megan says.

Megan also thinks that her father’s dead body has something to say, an idea she comes up with while exhuming Lizzy’s body. His death was ruled a suicide, but there had been no note and no signs of depression. But Judge Hunt won’t sign these exhumation papers, and it begs the question, why not?

“Not everything is a mystery, Megan,” the judge says. “Your father left us. Get over it. I did.”

Yet, Megan is clearly not done with this part of her life. As long as this ABC medical drama gets renewed for a season two, chances are this story isn’t finished.

The season finale of Body of Proof airs on May 17, 2011 on ABC at 10PM Eastern.

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