Body of Woman Found in Kentucky Pond

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Police in Southeastern Kentucky discovered the body of a woman on Friday near Manchester. The rural area of Clay County is shocked at this discovery. The identity of the woman has not been released but investigators are sure an autopsy will reveal the cause of death and other details.

Charles Sizemore, of the Clay County area, told police that he discovered the body when he first retrieved a metal storage cabinet from the pond. The cabinet, which was poking from the surface of the pond, contained the duct-tape wrapped body of a woman. Obviously, foul play is suspected. So far, Charles Sizemore seems to believe the body of the woman may be his niece. However, police refuse to confirm this until after an autopsy. Usually when the next of kind identifies a body it is accepted, but this time police want to investigate further before identifying the body. This is possibly due to the level of decomposition the body is experiencing. Tammy Faye Sizemore is Charles Sizemore’s niece. She’s an older woman who lives her life youthfully, and has had minor run-ins with the law. She went missing more than a week ago.

What is interesting about this particular case is the details that it shares with that of the missing Holly Bobo, a 20-year old student who went missing around April 13th. Holly Bobo was abducted about 5 hours east of the location in which Sizemore discovered the body of the woman. During the primary search for Holly Bobo, searchers found different pieces of evidence, including a strip of duct tape with blonde hairs on it.

Could these two cases be related in any way? Look at the resemblance Holly Bobo and Tammy Faye Sizemore share. Both are blonde, relatively attractive women who are young, although Sizemore is considerably older than Bobo. If the body that was just found in the Kentucky pond is in fact Tammy Faye Sizemore, could there be any correlation between the disappearance of Bobo and other reported attempted kidnappings in the region?

Photos: Tammy Faye Sizemore/Holly Bobo

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