Bodyguard on Dinner Date with Kate Gosselin: Is He Cheating?

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Kate Gosselin is an odd woman that no one really seems to understand. In public, she seems to put her personal desires before the needs of her children as she spends money on plastic surgery, breast implants and face lifts despite needing money for your children.

In addition to her odd choices in finance, Kate has been rumored to have a relationship with her bodyguard Steve Neild. His presence actually caused some tensions when she was married to Jon, but Kate kept him around. There is only one flaw with them spending so much time together; he’s married!

The two were spotted out for dinner – alone – earlier in November in Chicago. “They were smiling and laughing,” explains a source to In Touch. Kate Gosselin and Steve definitely looked like a couple. So what does his wife think about her husband spending so much time with Kate? When In Touch contacted her for a comment, she hung up the phone. Could she have suspicions that her husband is cheating with Kate? After all that plastic surgery, she does look much younger.

Would you be comfortable with your husband spending so much time working with Kate Gosselin?

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