Boehner Clueless About Eyeroll – Michelle Obama’s Disgust Typical of Left

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The internet is abuzz over the eye rolling from Michelle Obama (supposedly) aimed at House Speaker John Boehner. CBS’ Inside Edition hired a lip reader to try to figure out why the First Lady would do such a thing. Larry Wenig told Inside Edition that it appears that Boehner asked President Obama if he’d had a chance to have a cigarette before the inaugural luncheon Monday. The lip reader claims that Boehner, who smokes, then made a joke about ‘somebody’, presumably the First Lady, not ‘letting’ the President have a smoke. The First Lady rolled her eyes twice at the Speaker, ignored him while he tried to engage her in conversation, tightly set her jaw and smirked. Even Boehner’s wife looks embarrassed. Regardless of the cause, is it proper for the First Lady to behave like a petulant child in public? Can you picture Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan or Hilary Clinton doing that? Louisiana Republican Rep. John Fleming says that the Speaker has no idea why she did it and that they were engaged in a casual conversation.

Thankfully, President Obama, who is known for being polite and putting people at ease, leaned behind his wife and talked with Boehner. During a particularly obvious display of disgust by his wife, he placed his hand on her shoulder and squeezed but it didn’t change her demeanor at all. Boehner claims that maybe she heard “something else”. Mrs. Obama’s gestures are being laughed off by the political left. Comments from Obama supporters on websites running the story claim that the right is making a big deal out of nothing. Not surprising given the huge divide between the American people in the past several years. The so-called ‘tolerant’ left no longer censor their hatred and disgust for anyone who doesn’t believe in the exact same ideology as they do. It’s no longer, “Don’t push your religion on me,” but “You don’t have the right to practice Christianity.” That’s not to say that the right isn’t fighting back and initiating fights. Regardless, it’s a shame that the left views Michelle Obama’s gestures as insignificant.

The Daily Mail asked three lip readers to review the video and all three said it was ‘too difficult’ read what they were saying.

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